10 November 2015: I have made a second poetry film, ‘The Room’, which is available to view on Youtube. Meanwhile ‘The Tunnel’ was shown during the 2015 Swindon Festival of Poetry in October at an event led by Elephant’s Footprint, alongside other films, some by Poetry Swindon members.

12 April 2015: Following a workshop with Helen Dewbery and Chaucer Cameron yesterday organised by Poetry Swindon, I have had a go at making a poetry film, ‘The Tunnel’, which is available to view on Youtube.

2 November 2014: Some of my surreal miniature and Map Girl pieces are now on show and for sale from the Handmade Gallery, Swindon, near the Central Library.

10 November 2013: My short novel Fade-Out is finally in print and available now from Pendragon Press!

17 September 2013: Sold a few pieces at this year’s Open Studios exhibition, although visitor numbers seemed lower than last year.

19 May 2013: I have some pieces in the latest Swindon Open Window exhibition, including one just completed. Do have a look if you are passing near the Central Library. I hope that Fade-Out will appear soon in print for real – fingers crossed.

15 March 2013: Written quite a few poems recently. Two recent acceptances in anthologies: ‘Embankmen’ will be in Rustblind and Silverbright, from Eibonvale Press; and ‘The Tube as Reality’ in Underground, from Fire Hazard Press.

14 October 2012:  New photographs added to the Surreal Miniatures page. Publication of Fade-Out apparently delayed.

15 September 2012: Conduit is now available in both Kindle and trade paperback formats from Amazon UK. Last day of Open Studios 2012 tomorrow, and I have sold a few pieces and copies of The Far Sense too. New page added to showcase my surreal miniatures.

19 August 2012: I will be taking part in the Swindon Open Studios exhibition/event again this year. Look out for me in the Central Library on the weekends of 8-9 and 15-16 September.

19 August 2012: Conduit has been published by Eternal Press – it is now available in Kindle format from Amazon UK, and paperback coming soon (I hope). Available already in both formats direct from the publisher and Amazon US.

24 July 2012: My short novel Fade-Out is to be published in late September/early October by Pendragon Press, and is available now for pre-order from the publisher.

23 July 2012: Conduit is to be published on 1 August by Eternal Press – it will be available in electronic (including Kindle) and paperback formats. 

21 March 2012: I have signed a contract with Eternal Press in the USA to publish my young-adult novel Conduit – more news soon…

08 March 2012: Swindon Open Studios Open Window exhibition now on – opposite the Artsite Studios in the centre of Swindon. My piece ‘Looking Back’ is included. See the Open Studios Blog Spot for some pictures (though you can’t really see my piece – it’s the little one on the table!)

24 February 2012: Photos of new artwork uploaded onto Art page.

14 February 2012: I will be taking part in the Swindon Open Studios Open Window exhibition on 1 March 2012. I have been working on a lot of new work over the last few months – more details to follow.

19 September 2011:  Panverse Three is out now and available from Amazon and the publisher.

26 July 2011: I am taking part in Swindon Open Studios again in September this year, exhibiting at the Platform. Panverse Three is due out in September.

15 April 2011: I am one of the prizewinners in this year’s Battered Moons poetry competition. My poem Appearances will be published in a competition anthology, and I will be reading the poem out at one of the poetry events during the Swindon Festival of Literature (6th May).

30 January 2011: More songs added to the music archive.

24 January 2011: Songs added to new Music Archive page.

16 January 2011: Pictures added to art archive.

24 December 2010: New page Múntavut added on the suspicious demise of Dr Richard F Smith and his strange linguistic legacy.

22 December 2010: Brand new song Small Worlds added to the Music page.

2 December 2010: Another song added.

29 November 2010: Two songs added to Music page.

1 October 2010: The Far Sense is out now!

September 2010: Swindon Open Studios – I exhibited pictures at The Platform.

7 August 2010: My novella Junction 5 has been accepted for the anthology Panverse Three, due out in autumn 2011 from Panverse Publishing.